Friday, 12 November 2010

Dimensions - 12th to 14th November 2010 - Holiday Inn, Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Just to let you know that both Mack and Bruce will be making appearances at Dimensions this coming weekend at Tenth Planet Events Dimensions, Doctor Who Convention. They will be appearing with their old buddy George the Dalek from the Woodhorn event.

Check out the Dimensions Link Here for more details.

Loads of great guests from present and past Doctor Who including three Doctors, Colin Baker, Sylvester Mccoy, and Paul McGann. Oh, and Nick Briggs is also going to be there.

As they say on the site "10th Planet Events are proud to present Dimensions 2010. Dimensions is the long running convention bringing you closer to the stars of Doctor Who. Join the fun in our 3 day event including stage talks, photo shoots, workshops, autograph sessions, live commentaries, parties and more..."

See you there.

Time War 10

Last weekend, 6th November Mack and Bruce took a trip down to Rotherham to visit Magna and raise a bit of money for Children In Need.

This is what happened...

... and this...


Saturday, 9 October 2010


Northern charity daleks has been successful in acquiring a place in the evening chronicle wish list 2010. if you get the evening chronicle at home or at work can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE cut out and keep the tokens for the Wish 10 campaign. ask your friends and family too....Northern Charity Daleks needs your help.

Please send your tokens to:
Northern Charity Daleks
c/o 15, George St,
DH3 1EA.

or let us know when you have collected a fair amount and we will arrange collection.


Rob - NCD founder

Friday, 24 September 2010

Let's hear from you....

We'd really like to hear from you, so if you'd like to know more about Dalek building, what we're doing, what we plan to do or if you want to suggest some events come on in. Click on the link below.

Northern Charity Dalek Forum

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Woodhorn Video Now on YouTube

Just a quickie post as I've now posted a little video from our adventures at Woodhorn.


Friday, 10 September 2010

Welcome to the Home of the Northern Charity Daleks

Well, here we are at last. We're the Northern Charity Daleks, a bunch a guys and gals who thought it would be a good idea to build Daleks and raise some money for local charities.

The club is run by Rob (Mack the Dalek's Slave) and Keith (Bruce the Dalek's Slave). Bruce is the Genesis style Dalek below and Mack is the new series Dalek.

They both have their own YouTube pages filled with fun videos of their travels. Links are in the sidebar, check them out and subscribe, you know you want to. You can also make friends with them on Facebook, just search for Dalek Bruce and Dalek Mack, you'll soon find them.

Our last event was at Woodhorn, near Ashington, Northumberland where we had a blazing number of visitors to the mining museum and helped to raise over £500, for the narrow gauge railway accessible carriage. We were there with our good Dalek friend George and a Cyberman with no name, i.e. Paul Adgar and Carolyn Hewson. We've also got friends in Scifi North East Sci-Fi North East who helped make this day great fun. It was such a success that we'll probably be doing the same next year. So if you were there, "HELLO!", if you weren't, "See you soon!"

We all had a great day and it was amazing to see everyone. If you were there we hope you enjoyed yourself and hopefully we'll bring a few more Daleks with us when we return.

We're available to do charity gigs if you want to hire us. Obviously we do not and can not make any money from our visits and appearances but we do accept money for our charities.

If you do want to hire us, details in the sidebar.

See you soon.
Keith aka Bruce the Dalek