Friday, 15 July 2011

Woodhorn - 24th July 2011

In just over a week the Northern Charity Daleks and friends will be returning to Woodhorn to yet again invade the site.

This year, we're promising it will be bigger and better with more characters, more prizes and competitions and a Tardis all in the mix. It's an X Factor style showdown between Daleks, Cybermen, and Humans to see who can raise the most money for the Narrow Gauge Accessible Carriage fund. You can help by picking your side. But be careful, whoever wins, gets to keep the earth. Click on the link and see the base arrive and you'll be able to see it in person on the 24th or before.

Alongside the treasure hunt we'll have a Fez hunt and a few new activities to keep you amused for the day.

We all hope to see you again, and if you weren't there last year... come along and see what chaos ensues. 

North East Aircraft Museum

Bruce and friends were at the Washnington, Tyne and Wear North East Aircraft Museum on fathers day, Tardis and all. I think it went down pretty well... the Star Wars guys looked pretty bamboozled. :)