Monday, 7 November 2011

He's behind you!!!

For those living in the north east you may be interested in an upcoming panto in Whickham. Bruce will be featured in a few scenes... but I won't spoil the plot. You just have to come and see it.

Tuesday 22nd to Saturday the 26th November 2011. See you soon

Monday, 24 October 2011

Monday, 17 October 2011

Look Who's Back!

Yep, we'll be there. So, grab your tickets at Look Who's Back and we'll see you in Lanchester, Co. Durham on Sunday 22nd October.

We'll have a bunch of Daleks, Tardis, K9, Cassandra, and our voice mod with Wayne that went down quite well at Maker Faire in Newcastle last March.

See you there.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Woodhorn - 24th July 2011

In just over a week the Northern Charity Daleks and friends will be returning to Woodhorn to yet again invade the site.

This year, we're promising it will be bigger and better with more characters, more prizes and competitions and a Tardis all in the mix. It's an X Factor style showdown between Daleks, Cybermen, and Humans to see who can raise the most money for the Narrow Gauge Accessible Carriage fund. You can help by picking your side. But be careful, whoever wins, gets to keep the earth. Click on the link and see the base arrive and you'll be able to see it in person on the 24th or before.

Alongside the treasure hunt we'll have a Fez hunt and a few new activities to keep you amused for the day.

We all hope to see you again, and if you weren't there last year... come along and see what chaos ensues. 

North East Aircraft Museum

Bruce and friends were at the Washnington, Tyne and Wear North East Aircraft Museum on fathers day, Tardis and all. I think it went down pretty well... the Star Wars guys looked pretty bamboozled. :)

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Nerd East - Saturday 11 June

Here's a quick update for you all.

Bruce the Dalek and pals will be making an appearance at NERD East .

The event will take place from 10am on Saturday 11 June, at Durham Students' Union, New Elvet, Durham, DH1 3AN.

We're hoping to meet a few new friends amoungst Live Action Roleplayers down there and we'll be one of the guest speakers doing a small talk on how to build a Dalek.

We'll have a charity bucket there if you want to donate some spare change to our various charities.

Following that, Bruce will be at the North East Aircraft Museum on Fathers day 19th June for their scifi weekend with George the Dalek who'll be bringing along his Tardis. At some point we'll be battling the local Rebel Legion who plan to be invading from the Star Wars universe.

In July, Bruce, Mack and our new friend Dalek Nation will be paying a visit to Who-Ray to celebrate their 1st Anniversary. We'll be rubbing shoulders with classic and more recent Doctor Who director Graeme Harper.

We'll also be finishing July with our return visit to Woodhorn on the 24th July.

More news soon.


Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Maker Faire UK 2011 - Yay!

Well, we managed to survive the Maker Faire at the Centre for Life in Newcastle over the weekend. I think Mack, Bruce and Wayne's amazing voice modulator went down a storm.

If you came to our stand, thanks for saying "Hi!" or just standing there with your mouth open wide or even for some hiding behind the and adult or even your own children... shame on you. :)

Setup on Friday went quite smooth and we headed for the main reception on the Saturday morning to greet the incoming mass of people. It was extraordinarily busy throughout the day.

There was some amazingly creative stuff on show throughout. Some of my personal favourites were the various Kinect hacks including fixing them up to the Tesla coils and the BBC R&D orchestra.

Speaking of the BBC R&D they were great fun. We kept up the whole "Don't sue, we're not making money!" most of the weekend.

Thanks go out to the whole team of the Northern Charity Daleks including Rob, James, Wayne & family, Lars, as well as the brilliant staff at the Centre for Life for putting up with our constant crowd stopping antics and Make magazine for putting the whole shebang together. Please come back to Newcastle next year, don't go south...

We'll be posting a few videos of the fun very soon. But in the mean time if you want to check out some of the fun visit, Bruce's Youtube channel and subscribe to get the latest updates.

Here's to a great weekend for all.

We'll see you soon.

Monday, 31 January 2011

Maker Faire, Newcastle 12th and 13th March.

Greetings people of earth... ehem, sorry disengage Dalek voice mode. Engage human brain....

Yes, the NCD will be invading the Newcastle Centre for Life during the Maker Faire weekend, which kicks off the Newcastle Science Fest.

We'll be bringing the two Daleks, Mack and Bruce (his first year) plus lots of other things to see, play and make.

This year we're giving you the chance to build, talk and be a Dalek...

We'll show you how our Daleks were built, you can have a go of our voice modulators, and see some parts of Daleks in the process of being constructed. Plus we're giving a limited few the chance to have a ride in one of the Daleks. Plus we'll have loads of other things to make and do.

We look forward to meeting you during the two days.

For the moment, check and we'll see you there.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Happy New Year!!

Everyone at Northern Charity Daleks wish you a happy new year.

In 2010 we've gone from strength to strength, starting the year with just Mack and finishing it with Mack and Bruce we promise there will be more. Plus thanks to George the Dalek for helping. We've all had a blast at the various events we've attended and look forward to more exterminating soon.

We'll be appearing at the Makers Faire in Newcastle Upon Tyne on the 12th and 13th March 2011, so pop along and we'll see you there and show you how we made our replica Daleks.

If we don't see you there, I'm sure we'll trundle into you at some point.

See you soon.